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Target Groups / Market

  • Employees from quality assurance

  • Personnel taking plastic parts and checking

  • Shift leader

  • Splashes tubal

  • Sample personnel, so that the goals are clear

  • Measuring equipment checkers

Content from QM/QA Workshop 2

Revision of QM/QA Workshop 1

Problem identification and solution finding in the plastic parts testing

The rule of three of the QM: Collect – Classify – Weights

Presentation of the 7 elementary quality tools: feature map, histogram, Sheward quality control chart, brainstorming), Ishikawa cause-and-effect analysis, Pareto diagram, ABC analysis and correlation diagram

Examples (interactive)

Outlook in the FMEA

Measuring systems from injection molding practice

What does the night shift do with quality assurance – is QA feasible at night and comparable to the day shift? How much QS staff is needed in 3- or 4-shift operation?

Which diagrams are frequently recorded in the injection molding departments? Can injection molding machines already measure themselves?

What do the customers want? Only good parts or test protocols?

Molded part defects (20 pieces) for QS employees explained with solutions – summary

Inquiry for QM/QA Workshop 2

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