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Target Groups / Market

  • Employees from quality assurance

  • Personnel taking plastic parts and checking

  • Shift leader

  • Splashes tubal

  • Sample personnel, so that the goals are clear

  • Measuring equipment checkers

Content from the QM/QA Workshop 1

Function of an injection molding plant

From the granulate to the perfect injection molded part

Development of quality management

Quality understanding and quality awareness

Continuous improvement


Scheme of Process-oriented QMS: Characteristic, Classification, Quality Characteristic, Preventive Measures, etc.

Deming Circle, CIP Strategy

Introduction to Statistical Process Monitoring

Process of the injection molding process: how does an injection molded part with high quality result?

Which parameters can be monitored on the injection molding machine?

What are molded part defects and how can they be improved or prevented?

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