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Workshop Injection Molding
course no. 4

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Target Groups / Market

  • Employees from the production
    • Maschine operators
    • Plastic moulders
    • Work preparation
    • Supervisors
    • Quality assurance employees
  • Tool manufacturers
    • Part designers
    • Tool designers
    • Tool producers
  • Sales and distribution excecutives
    • Process Planning
    • Distribution
    • Sales
    • Project monitoring

Content from the Workshop Injection molding course no. 4

The trainer will decide specifically what contents to focus on depending on your company: Injection molding machines and plastics materials.

Quick revision of the contents in Course no. 1 – course no. 3

Optimal injection protocol for both Germany and Asia

The special features about filters and reinforcements

Cavity pressure measurements and how do you interpret the curves obtained?

Advantages of internal pressure measurements

Sensors also for Industry 4.0

Injection molding liquid silicone

Injection molding with chemical and physical blowing agents

Mucell Technology

The technology tandem tool

The surface of plastics parts are completed with in mold label technology and rear foil spraying.

Fabric back injection

Production of galvanized plastic parts

Why do you need injection- compression?

Machine- hour rate calculation

How is the injection molded part price composed?

Perfect cycle optimization in 1/10 second range

Molded part flaw no. 31 to 35

Preparation and protocol for the practical experiments no. 1 to no. 7

Preparation for the exam

Discussion of the 400 exam questions

Registration of Injection Molding course no. 4

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