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Workshop Injection Molding
course no. 3

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Target Groups / Market

  • Employees from the production
    • Maschine operators
    • Plastic moulders
    • Work preparation
    • Supervisors
    • Quality assurance employees
  • Tool manufacturers
    • Part designers
    • Tool designers
    • Tool producers
  • Sales and distribution excecutives
    • Process Planning
    • Distribution
    • Sales
    • Project monitoring

Content from the Workshop Injection molding course no. 3

The trainer will decide specifically what contents to focus on depending on your company: Injection molding machines and plastics materials.

Quick revision of the contents in Course no. 1 + course no. 2

The injection molding factory

Material delivery and QA inspection

What is special when a tool is scrapped from China?

Regulated and unregulated processes

How to calculate the peripheral speed of the screw

Friction during plasticizing

Varieties of Injection nozzles

Error and feature classification

Advantages of the ‘sandwich’ technique

Function of gas injection molding

Advantages of internal water pressure

Projectile injection

Mold temperature control with optimum tubing

Pressure loss in water hoses

Rendundant material supply

Optimal coloring with what kind of devices?

Discussion about flaw in molded parts no. 21 to no. 30

Injection tests no.5 and 6

How can you spare the last seconds in the cycle time?

Registration of Injection Molding course no. 3

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