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Inhouse Injection Molding courses

as an individual Workshop in your company

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What is an injectionmolding driving license®?

The injection molding driving license® is a certificate, comparable to a Motor vehicle driving license or a Hunting exam.

The authorization is only obtained, as soon as the exam has been successfully passed.

Whom who obtains an injection molding driving license®, understands the basics of the injection molding mechanics and all the injection molding technology

In no circumstances in the injection molding driving license® just a participation certificate, as is the case in other Educational programs.

Global Offer

for injection molding education/ schooling for your future projects

We hold the identical injection molding training courses since 3 years very successfully in:

  • Mexico in Spanish
  • Germany in German
  • Czech Republic in Czech
  • China in Mandarin

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we have very experienced trainers.

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